Over the past few years I’ve bought several playsuits. I see people wearing them and I think they look cute, I want to look cute too. So I buy one, and never seem to wear it, so I buy another that I think will be more comfortable, and it is, but again, gathers dust. This goes on until I face facts; weeing in a playsuit is not an option. And as a human being I generally need to do that, and being a diabetic human being, I generally need to do that a hell of a lot more than most people.

Anyway, it had been a year or so since I last bought a playsuit, so I thought it was about time I bought another after seeing someone looking cute in one. This time when I tried it on (I ordered it online) I realised that due to the fact it’s winter right now, if I decided to wear this out anywhere and needed to use a public toilet I would have a lot of things to do before I could actually get down to business. Firstly, I’d have to take my coat and jumpers, hat and scarf off that covered the playsuit, and find a clean, dry, safe place to put them, while I then unzipped and unhooked the playsuit, where I would hope for a lightening speed wee because I was sitting there in only my bra, in a cold public toilet, with my coat, jumpers and winter accessories soaking up someone else’s filth.

You wouldn’t wear a gimp mask out for dinner. Nor would you wear a blindfold when you were driving. So why make a much needed daily activity such a nightmare? Why do this to yourself? Isn’t life hard enough without unnecessary urination distress?

But then, I also bought a pair of shorts recently that have 4 buttons to unfasten/fasten. How bloody ridiculous.

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