I’m a furry ho yo

I haven’t worn a fur coat for about 10 years. When I was really into Bikini Kill and Babes in Toyland, there are photos of me somewhere in a maroon body-con ribbed dress with black piping, Dr Martins and a white furry jacket, at a Babes in Toyland gig. I was stylin’ it mad yo. Anyway, I went through a period where I felt wearing a furry coat would make me look like a prostitute tramp; somehow ending up with the impression of a failed-at-life teenager smoking rollies in the subway (beenderdondat). I have now got to the age where I don’t actually care if I look like one of those teenagers, (in fact looking like a teenager is a bonus) so I bought myself a new furry coat, and ressurected the grungey prostitute era. It’s about time too.



coat: New Look

t-shirt: American Apparel

jeans: MissGuided.com

shoes: Vans

Necklace: New Look

Sunglasses: Primark

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jumper storm

I was recently shopping in Brighton, which turned me into a stormy monster. I stormed into Topshop and saw something I quite liked, I kind of got the feeling from it that I would wear it forever, every day, and above all that it was really ‘me’. I get this feeling quite often about black clothes, because I wear a lot of black, so that makes sense. But this time I felt I was being quite impulsive, so I took it to the mile long queue and thought by the time I got to being served I’d have decided if this really was me being impulsive (and would later be grateful) or was just driven by the stormy attitude I seemed to be in. It must have been the latter as I suddenly decided downstairs in the mens department there would be a smaller queue, and I was right, infact there was no one there. So I paid, and stormed out the shop without having a chance to think clearly about my purchase. So this is how I acquired this jumper, something that I’d never normally buy, a cowl neck AND short sleeve jumper – wtf is wrong with me.


jumper: Topshop

leggings: New Look

shoes: Primark

ribbon: a material shop

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I have this problem, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Scrunched-sleeve-Popeye-arms. It happens when I wear a shirt (that is normally styled in a rolled-up manner and quite baggy), and then wear a cardigan over the top. No matter how much tugging and arranging (and mis-shaping the cardigan sleeves from putting two arms inside one) it is nearly impossible to flatten it out. I did notice with the puffy sleeve trend, H&M had a black cardigan that had puffed sleeves at the top and were tight from the elbow down. This would have obviously solved the Popeye-arm dilemma. But I tried it on and wasn’t convinced by the style, I don’t really understand why anyone would want to look broad shouldered, unless you have polio. That’s not very funny is it…


Cardigan: Topshop

Shirt: New Look

Leggings: New Look

Boots: Gap

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