I have this problem, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Scrunched-sleeve-Popeye-arms. It happens when I wear a shirt (that is normally styled in a rolled-up manner and quite baggy), and then wear a cardigan over the top. No matter how much tugging and arranging (and mis-shaping the cardigan sleeves from putting two arms inside one) it is nearly impossible to flatten it out. I did notice with the puffy sleeve trend, H&M had a black cardigan that had puffed sleeves at the top and were tight from the elbow down. This would have obviously solved the Popeye-arm dilemma. But I tried it on and wasn’t convinced by the style, I don’t really understand why anyone would want to look broad shouldered, unless you have polio. That’s not very funny is it…


Cardigan: Topshop

Shirt: New Look

Leggings: New Look

Boots: Gap

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I received a present in the post. A t-shirt from Lovenskate, my boyfriend did something for them that rewarded him with t-shirts. I love this because it’s really 80s looking, but not in the Madonna tacky style (that Miss Selfridge seem to currently be catering for much to my dismay). But then it is a skate t-shirt after all.


shirt: Topshop

t-shirt: Lovenskate

skirt: American Apparel

belt: my mothers

tights: Topshop

shoes: Priceless

hairclip: H&M

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definitely I murk it

I keep buying wooly hats. I can’t stop myself. I think I’ll put some on ebay that I never wear. I suppose in winter I’m going to wear a wooly hat every day (because I live by the sea and it gets windy and I hate cold ears), so it’s like getting a good haircut in the summer. Ok, I feel better now. The hat I bought today is kind of a murky dark grey/green.

I also bought a dress on ebay for 99p!!! It’s originally from Primark though. It looks better with a 3/4 sleeve top underneath, I’m not a fan of sleeveless shirts with collars, they’re a bit butch and make the sweetest person look instantly terrifying. That’s why I think this dress is appropriate for autumn, but going into storage for summer.


hat: New Look

dress: Primark

cardigan: Primark

wooly tights: Co-Op (!)

ankle boots: New Look

necklace: charity shop

Also, I’m selling some things on ebay, so please checkitoot.

Back to my Dexter marathon…

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long sleeves please

A recent trip to London let me fall prey to H&M and Uniqlo, where I bought a new cardigan and flannel shirt. I’ve been looking for an Icelandic-style cardigan for ages now, last winter I managed to get a beige one from Primark but it was 3/4 length sleeve, aaargh why?!?! So I have FINALLY found one, long sleeve and more importantly, black.


cardigan: H&M

jeans: Topshop

ankle boots: Priceless

I was also faced with the dilemma of checked flannel shirt or being cool. It seems checked flannel shirts are all over the place now, everyone and their dad have one. Being a big fan of the ‘grunge’ look (that every 3 seconds a 14 year old is ruining), I am relieved I don’t have to go to second hand smelly boy shops and adjust them to fit me, anymore. But at the same time I’m a little guilty of looking like I’ve joined the club. Sigh.

I did, however, decide Uniqlo offered the best checked flannel shirt range, and I have less chance of bumping into the matching shirt on a foolish bumwart who got theirs from The Gap.


shirt: Uniqlo

jeans: Topshop

shoes: Vans at Office

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autumn <3

Everyone’s been complaining about autumn, I’m fully aware this means no more sunbathing, but this also means layers and accessories, which makes things so much more interesting than a vest and shorts and a sweaty fringe. autumnyay

parka coat: Uniqlo

scarf: New Look

long cardigan: Topshop

dress: H&M

brogue shoes: New Look

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raising the dead

I bought this dress on ebay for £8, originally I saw it on ASOS but they had sold out of my size. It seems quite a mature style dress, maybe it’s just the beige spots. I’d definitely always wear it with boyish boots to direct the floaty feminine focus away from the faffiness of the dress. I think even a cardigan is a bit too girlie, maybe a hoody would be more appropriate.

These are my favourite boots for wearing knee-high socks with, I find it quite tricky making them look good with ankle boots, maybe I’m too short. I’m wearing a hematite necklace my mum bought me, apparently hematite raises the dead, which is always good.


dress: ASOS

cardigan: Primark

necklace: gift shop abroad

socks: Topshop

boots: Priceless

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supermarket geek

Wearing my glasses today being geeky, it helps me see the aisles I need to go down in supermarkets. Frozen soya beans please.


tunic dress: Topshop

leggings: H&M

boots: Priceless

glasses: specsavers :)

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all women are bad

Feeling moody.


cardigan: Topshop

t-shirt: stolen from my boyfriend

jeans: Topshop

sandals: New Look

bag: Stead and Simpsons

sunglasses: primark

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summer ride

Went for a summer ride today, it was pleasant despite what my face dictates in the photo. I was drinking Firefly ‘Sharpen Up’ which made me go loopy, green tea hates me.


cardigan: Primark

belt: charity shop

skirt: H&M

shoes: QS

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